Miguel Feraso Cabral

Rudimentol Records 2023

Between 2017 and 2023, Miguel Feraso Cabral played live solo with electric guitar and electronics, promoting the encounter of melodic fragments and rhythmic cadences with free sound exploration, in improvisations on pre-recorded material transformed in real time and on loops created in the moment. Most of these performances were recorded, providing the raw material for the composition of all of Deambul's tracks.

On top of these recordings, sequencing manoeuvres were made in the studio and layers of percussion, drums, lo-fi electronics, forgotten home recordings - and more guitars - were added. The language oscillates between some retro elements, others that are almost folk and others that are more experimental. The music is energetic, cinematic and sometimes melancholic.

Miguel Feraso Cabral
electric guitars, electronics, drums, bass, darbuka, tambourine, objects.

All music composed, performed and produced by Miguel Feraso Cabral
Mastered by Atman Sheth

Track list:

01 - 03:41 Indo Por Ali Longe
02 - 02:42 Queda Livre
03 - 04:00 Todo Andarengo
04 - 03:12 Descaminho
05 - 02:23 Girando Torto
06 - 03:14 Alegado Suspeito
07 - 03:28 Arcada
08 - 02:42 Rasto

Photo by: Mario Mar

Track #1 "Indo Por Ali Longe", official video