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Experiments with code. On most of the websites in this selection my focus was to achieve certain effects and quick results just for fun; the code may not be 'clean' nor 'by the book'.


not quite AI, 2023

A conversational system that listens, seems to learn and turns out to be a disappointment.
In Portuguese language.

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Audio playground, 2016

Load mp3 links of anything you want and, playing around with the mouse over a grid, create broken sounds, suddenly interrupted.
For geeks of sound, of course.
With my natural talent for marketing :D , I gave it a name no one will remember or spell correctly on the first attempt.
You can record in real-time with software, from headphones output or speakers with an external recording device...
Supports .mp3, .m4a, .wav

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Annoying People

Online Game, 2012

When I first discovered some of the potential of jQuery as webdeveloper, I designed and programmed this old-school maze game in a couple of months, using some of my free time. It was coded from scratch.

Featured on and on (1st place ranking for a few weeks)

Best audio performance in Chrome.

Click here to play

Click here to play


Animated gifs doing things, 2013

This is not a game. It's just a website to look at, where you can follow some balls going crazy through an endless maze. If you wait for a while, or click the single square button there, you can see some effects happening.

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Blur Exp

Depth of field illusion, 2013

Move your mouse over the image and you'll find a depth of field effect. It's only the result of swapping three images slightly different.

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The eye

Animated gifs doing things, 2011

Again, this is not a game. You just need to find where to move your mouse to reveal the eye. Eye? Why? Why eye? Don't know.

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Speed for Pee

Test version, 2012

Test version of an interactive animation, using the keyboard spacebar. This might turn into a simple game in the future where that little guy will need to reach a WC on each level, with random obstacles along the way. Visit the website and hit the spacebar to start running and jumping.

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Hell With It

Virtual time bomb, 201?

I made this as a prank site, to set the time for a scary explosion sound while one of my work mates goes somewhere for a few moments leaving his computer unlocked. How: opening this website on an hidden new tab on his browser, turning his speakers to maximum volume and, with some luck, waiting to have a weird reaction to watch. Never used it, though. Alternative use: just watch your own desktop exploding if you're under stress and pretend that it helps.

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Endless chat room, 201?

How long can you handle an asshole? This is a virtual chat room. This is not Artificial Intelligence. This is no intelligence at all. I challenge you to try to keep a normal conversation with the guy there for five minutes. Be kind; he has feelings, ok?

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